Negra Como Yo: 
Year: 2021
Client: Negra Como Yo
Rebranding and flexible visual identity for the Negra Como Yo podcast, a unique space that was born to share and promote Latin American blackness.
The Concept: Our Roots – what is more beautiful than embracing your roots and building your identity from this powerful and unique foundation. For this rebranding of “Negra Como Yo” it was decided to take a 360-degree turn and take the conceptual level much deeper and more personal. The identification of our person with what we see in our community, as well as the identity reinforcements in our days, help the hybridization processes to be completed, generating fusions and new elements that exchange traditions and cultures. On the other hand, the use of the Baobab flower as inspiration for the creation of abstract forms that have their origin in African rubber stamps, creates a complete package of values that represent NCY.
Roots, the name of this new branding, uses a powerful palette of colors, vibrant, bold, modern but also human, Afro-Latinx and contrasted, which allows the message to be communicated in a fresh and creative way.
A new brand that encompasses a fusion of traditions, past - present, with a view to understanding who we are and most importantly, what we can become.
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