Manekineko and The Buddha. Cultural hybridization and resemantization as a model of Neoesoteric Consumption in the design stores of Palermo in the City of Buenos Aires.

Author: Castro Lugo, Carlos Alfredo. Master's Thesis in Design and Investigation
Approval date: July 2015
For centuries, Buddha sculptures have graced Buddhist temples and altars throughout Asia, serving as symbols of spiritual guidance. In recent decades, however, Western interest in these iconic pieces has surged, with many viewing them as decorative elements for various spaces. Similarly, Manekineko figures enjoy widespread popularity in Japan, and their presence in Chinese culture has led to some confusion regarding their origins. This study aims to explore the cultural hybridization and resemantization in the consumption of Manekineko and Buddha figures within design stores in Palermo, shedding light on the evolving significance of these artifacts across diverse cultural contexts.
“¿Tenéis, pues, un alma vosotros objetos inanimados?” 
Abraham Moles, 1990
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