Manekineko and The Buddha. Cultural hybridization and resemantization as a model of Neoesoteric Consumption in the design stores of Palermo in the City of Buenos Aires.

Author: Castro Lugo, Carlos Alfredo. Master's Thesis in Design and Investigation
Approval date: July 2015
Since ancient times, the sculptures of The Buddha have been present in Buddhist temples and altars in Asia as a symbol of spiritual guidance, however, in the last thirty years interest has grown in the West where it is conceived as a decorative piece within various spaces. As far as Manekineko figures are concerned, they are very popular in Japan but are also noted within Chinese culture, hence the confusion regarding their origin. The objective of this work is to analyze the Cultural Hybridization and the Resemantization in the consumption of the Manekineko and The Buddha in the design stores of Palermo.
“¿Tenéis, pues, un alma vosotros objetos inanimados?” 
Abraham Moles, 1990
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