Carcalugo / Calugo is a Graphic Designer and Artist based in Barcelona, Spain. He loves branding and typographic projects.

He takes inspiration from the geometric and organic design, the 40’s, minimalistic and Op Art movements.
Carlos has been working on printing and digital design for 10 years. For the last 6 years he was part of the In-House International creative team as a Senior Graphic Designer. As a highly creative person, he's currently working for various international clients on designing high-level graphic pieces aimed for internal and external communications. Paying high attention to detail is essential to his work, specially when working internationally on a remote work modality most of the time. Though this may seem as an obstacle, it offers the opportunity to learn something new everyday from great professional teams around the world.
Publications & Awards
Design Areas
Art Direction
Editorial Design
Graphic Design
Web Design
3D Design / Cinema 4D
Selected Clients
EIT Urban Mobility
Fundación Varrios
Gobierno de Jalisco
Kailen Lewis: Pilates
Negra Como Yo
Pathos Labs / Popshift
Smart Partners
Smart Smileys Toys
Selected Clients (with In-House Int’l)
Everson Museum of Art
Ford Foundation
Learning Equality
Meta (Facebook)
Ranking Digital Rights
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
Stanford University
Sundance Institute
The University of Texas at Austin
UN Women
Wired Magazine
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